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Microfiber towels wholesale

microfiber towels wholesale

Microfiber towels are more efficient and durable than traditional cleaning cloths as well as providing bacteria resistance and lower processing costs. These microfiber cleaning towels provide the best qualities for dusting and general use cleaning. The Terry Microfiber Cloths are produced with a surface pile which allows for the best absorbency of any other type of Microfiber Cloths.These heavier cloths are ideal for healthcare applications, general cleaning applications, Car detailing or in any application where use conditions allow for extended product life.

When a larger surface area or high level of absorption is needed microfiber towels are your key. Microfiber towels have all of the same characteristics as standard microfibers just are larger. Whether you are drying your car, using them for after a shower, or just doing the dishes, microfiber is the sure choice for your towel. They have catch and absorb moisture like no other product on the market. Go to the Microfiber Towels catalog.Microfiber cleaning cloths are the future of what is cleaning. These ultra powerful yet soft cloths make cleaning any surface or material a thing of beauty. Microfiber cloths have 1/10th the denier (thickness) of a human hair which makes them suitable for even the smallest crevasses or locations. They are soft yet strong and very absorbent. Microfibers are the highest quality products for any cleaning application no matter what the surface.

Most of these microfiber towels wholesale have been engineered from polyester, polyamide, or a combination of both - bringing you an incredible combination of softness and strength. On top of that, these microfiber towels come equipped with special anti-fungal properties; they leave behind no lint, and unlike natural fibers, microfiber attracts dirt and dust like a magnet through the powers of electrostatic.

No matter what your use, the innovative design of microfiber is sure to deliver macro results.If you are interested in our microfiber towels wholesale please don't hesitate to contact me.
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