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New Product Microfiber Cloths For Cleaning Windows

Microfiber Cloths For Cleaning Windows

Microfiber Cloths For Cleaning Windows

Now let me introduce our product microfiber cloths.
Name of goods: Microfiber Cloths For Cleaning Windows
Material: 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
Weight: 200~350gsm
Packing: According to customer’s require
1, household cleaning(wash the dishes, wipe the table, such as wiping)
2, washing car
3, face cloth

1, super absorbent: fast absorbing water and drying is the significant feature.
2, strong detergency: cleaning, degreasing effect is obvious, the effect of super clean.
3, do not shed: not easy to break, not spinning, not off the ring, terry is not easy to fall off from the surface of the towel
4, long life: about 5 times the ordinary towel service life.
5, easy to clean: only by the use of water or a little detergent, washing hand wringing, clean health.
6, no bad odors: using high quality raw material and clean production environment, make the products have no odor.
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