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The difference between ordinary cotton fabric and microfiber cloth

There have many differences between ordinary cotton fabric and microfiber cloth.
1.Ordinary cotton fiber strength is relatively low, after wiping the surface of the body will leave a lot of broken fiber floc.Microfiber cloth belongs to long fiber with high strength and toughness. In the process of using, it will not leave fibrous debris on the surface of the object, and can absorb all kinds of wool chips with its micro electrostatic effect.
2.Wiping objects, ordinary cotton fabric to wipe the surface of the dust, grease, dirt and other direct inhalation into the fiber, the use of residual fiber, not easy to remove, after a long time will become hard, lose elasticity, affect the use of. microfiber cloth fiber diameter of only 0.4 m, can more effectively capture even a few microns of dust particles, the dirt adsorbed on the fiber between (rather than the internal fiber), coupled with a high degree of fiber, high density, easy to clean in the dirt, unless contaminated with stubborn grease, do not need any chemical washing detergent, laundry soap common in warm water, gently scrub can be cleaned.
3.Microfiber cloth, its water absorption and moisture permeability (including water absorption and water absorption speed) and water retention capacity is particularly prominent. Under normal conditions, the water absorption capacity is 7 times of the weight of cotton products, the water holding capacity is 5 times of its own weight, and it has better water absorption in wet state than in dry state. With cotton fabric comparison, microfiber cloth of the special characteristics of fiber cloth, there is no protein hydrolysis, so bacteria is difficult to survive, even for a long time in the wet state will not moldy, sticky, smelly. The service life is about five times of that of cotton fabric.
Microfiber cloth  is superior to ordinary cotton fabric. If you need it, please contact us.
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