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Ultra Soft Microfiber Pet Bath Towel

  Microfiber Pet Bath Towel  Details:

  1.Made of Microfiber Fabric. This towel is durable, super absorbent, and fast drying, Your baby will stay snuggly warm while drying after bathing time or a swim, Dog Grooming,wet walks or beach trips. Comfy Secure Fit.

  2.,Lightweight and easy to care for; can be stored in your car. Grooming, traveling, in a kennel, or cage to keep your pet warm, cozy and comfortable.

  3.Wears Like a Bathrobe, easy to wear and take off. And you will not be afraid to wet the floor and home.

Soft Bathrobe  Microfiber Pet Towel.jpg

  4.,Adjustable straps, to prevent pet towel from dropping if too loose for pet, convenient and useful. binding on edges prevents fraying,Velcro is equipped with the neck so that it is easy to put on or off for your dogs. And It is perfect to just put the bathrobe under the sun for a while

  our company as a Microfiber Pet Bath Towel  Supplier in China ,provide Ultra Soft  Microfiber Pet Bath Towel ,if you need that pls contact us.

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