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We are Soft Microfiber Cleaning CLoth supplier

Soft Microfiber Cleaning CLoth is a high-quality, high-tech textile raw materials, ultra-fine fibers due to the very small diameter, so the bending stiffness is small, the fibers feel particularly soft, extremely clean and functional waterproof breathable effect. Microfiber between microfibers having many fine pores, forming a capillary structure, if processed into fabric towel, you have a high water absorption, washed hair with a towel that may soon be siphoning off the water, so that the hair drying. Microfiber yarn is a non-polluting new high-tech textile materials, the ingredients are organic composite polyester and nylon generated by an ultra-fine fibers. Because it is a kind of strong water absorption, good ventilation, mildew (after a special treatment process is also antibacterial bacteria) and other significant functional materials, it is currently being widely used in clothing, textile weaving finished products internationally . China is working vigorously invested heavily in research and development in this area of ​​the home textile industry.
Soft Microfiber Cleaning CLoth
Soft Microfiber Cleaning CLoth Scope: household cleaning cloth rag kitchen towel Cache towels hotel cleaning cloth wash cloth, etc.

1. The super-absorbent, water absorption capacity is 7-10 times the ordinary towel.
2. Super decontamination, superfine fiber decontamination capability, stains remain after cleaning the fiber, the fiber surface will not stay in the clean cleaner.
3. lint. High-strength synthetic fiber filament, not broken, while using fine weave, not spinning, not off circle, fiber is also easy to fall off from the towel. It is made by wiping clean towels, towel particularly suitable Cache wipe the surface of bright paint, plating surface, glass, gauges and LCD screen, etc., in the automotive glass film during the cleaning process to do, can achieve very ideal film effect.
4. Do not fade, reduction of the ordinary cleaning towels fade trouble to avoid cross color.
5. easy to clean.

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