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Wholesale Bulk Microfiber Cleaning Towels

With decades of experience in Microfiber Cleaning Towels , we have been continuously cooperating with top brands in either commercial or house ware areas, with products like cleaning cloths, professional mops, sports towels, Bathroom wares. In this process, our principles have always been innovation, first-class quality and customer-oriented development. It is our goal to help you save time and money, while achieving even better results. Currently, our products are well sold in north America, Europe, Asia. 

Application field:

1) Wipe eyeglasses, mobile phone, camera lens, jewelry, piano, window, mirror, TV screen, glass cup, ashtray, fruit tray

2) Wash dishes, kitchenwares

3) Wipe liquid spilt on table or floor

4) Dry pets' body after bath

5) Polish shoes, purse, hand bags 

6) Remove dust and stains on furniture or household appliance surface, no scratching

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1, Microfiber mild texture, feel is exquisite, adopts thermal transfer workmanship, not easy to fade

 away, not to drop fleece, can match for the product's super image.

2, Super absorbent, the water absorption is 7 times as high as that of ordinary towel, and the wate

r absorption velocity of micro fiber towel is 6 times as fast as that of 100% cotton towel.

3, According to the different requirements of customers and the material production, including 

transfer printing, stamping, screen printing and  embossing  logo.

our company provide Wholesale microfiber cleaning cloth ,if you need that pls contact us.

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