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Wholesale Design Color Microfiber Mop

 It is made of bran-new mop strips rather than leftovers from other products.. Besides the advantages of Microfiber super high water absorbency, quick dry, easy to clean, the mop strips own remarkable superiority of no soft flocks loss, unified width. It is made of two different materials, which is much easier to dedust, beautiful, and easy to catch the consumers’ attention. And we’re specializing in the production of microfiber mop roll, so you could buy the mop roll from us and then make your style mop. Welcome your inquiry.

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  Microfiber color Mop JY-MP002

  Size/ Dimensions: according to customers' requirements

  Weight: according to customers' requirements

  Description and use:

  Microfiber mop is very useful for floor cleaning, it makes the floor cleaning easy, quick, and fun

  (1) Easy to clean dust and dirt on flat surfaces

  (2) High water absorbency and quick dry

  (3) Easy to wash after cleaning and machine washable

  (4) Long durable and economic

  (5) Excellent for cleaning hardwood floor, pergo wood, marble floor

  our company as a wholesale microfiber towel manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.

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