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Wholesale Microfiber Cleaning Towel In China

where is find wholesale Microfiber Cleaning Towel ? Must be Hebei Jiuyuan Textile company.Jiuyuan company as a Microfiber Towels supplier many years.

We use best raw materials (microfiber yarns) to make high quality microfiber towels.When you want to wash it ,the best temperature is 60℃. Our products has many features.It is Non-irritating,and can direct contact to the skin.IT has super absorbent power,to protect you skin from the noxious liquid.So it is available for all ages.

1.High absorbtion of water,water-absorption rate is up to 88%.
2.It's  so soft,so it's easy to clean. You can easily squeeze most of the water out of the dryer.
3.Easy to clean and dry without chemicals.
4.Available for all age groups.
5.Last long time. Microfiber can last as long as 4 times of cotton towel.
6.It is very economical and environmentally friendly product.
We have our own factory,so we can give you competitive Price.We have many years of production experience,so our products have  quality guarantee.Contact us if you want to know more.
High quality Wholesale microfiber cleaning cloth
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