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Wholesale Microfiber Sponge Pad

Microfiber are protein-free fibers and do not undergo protein hydrolysis. More importantly, 

it does not breed bacteria, mold and spoilage does not occur, there are anti aging properties 

and the service life of the product. It is five times the lifespan of pure cotton textile products; 

its diameter is 1% of human hair, so the water absorption is 7 times that of other products, 

the towel product is soft and comfortable, Oil, and rest cosmetic.

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Microfiber Sponge Pad Feature:

1、 High water absorption: The water absorption is 7 times the water absorption of the same

 cotton cloth. Using eight filaments, orange flaps to increase the fiber surface area, microfiber

 technology quickly improves effect on its key properties by improving absorbent core effect, 

by quick wicking absorption and drying Increasing textile pores.

2、 Washing: 0.4um diameter of silk microfine fineness only 1/10 diameter is very obvious to oil 

by capturing small dust particles, decontamination of that special cross section more effectively 

several microns .

3、Do not flush: The fiber is easy to fall off the surface of the towel while using high strength 

synthetic filaments, unbroken, circular, not rotating, fine weave.

4、 Life: microfiber strength, toughness, and therefore its lifespan is repeated more than four 

times the life of regular towel, washing with water, still denaturing, for example while cotton

 fibers and other polymer fibers are absent It causes hydrolysis. Even without drying after use, 

there is no mold or rot, long life.

5、 Easy to clean: Use ordinary towels inside the fiber, especially eraser on the surface of natural 

fiber towel, dust, grease, dirt etc. directly after use in the rest on fiber, remove It is difficult and

 absorbed, after that it becomes stiff and loses elasticity and affects use. And the microfiber

 towels are adsorbed to the fibers, after water or detergent cans and just a little use, in 

conjunction with dirt (rather than fiber inside) high fiber, high density, therefore adsorption 

capacity, between fibers.

6、 do not fade: Dyeing process, using other dye materials for TF-215 and ultrafine fibers, 

slow dyeing, dye transfer, high temperature dispersibility, erasing index, strict criteria of the

 international export market The advantage of satisfying, in particular not having its fading, 

is that it does not cause discoloration contamination problems when cleaning the surface of the


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