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Wholesale Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towel Use classification:

Through its deep pores, this suction power of the towel is thinner than 200 times the microfiber

 of human hair Beauty towel, skin surface and dirt pores, skin aging combined with simple skin In 

the liquid care being washed, the skin is white, smooth, delicate, refreshed and comfortable, thus 

achieving a cosmetic effect. For young men and adolescent and acne women you can regenerate 

excessively secreted oil in deep clean pores to avoid skin redness and swelling due to acne


Dry cap for hair is not common The super absorbent towel is wrapped in a fine fabric antifungal,

 antibacterial, soft, delicate, velvet surface and does not have slight damage to in-use hair.

 After bathing and washing the hair wrapped in a long lap hair cap, the method followed the 

instructions of the disc behind the head fulfilled the role in Kuaisuganfa, the tail watching TV, 

doing housework without delayed makeup Wait a buckle. Royalty, elegance and generosity.

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Advantages and disadvantages of microfiber towels:

Advantages: Microfiber fabric with grit, finish rolling mill velvet, surface is strong on the skin, soft,

 smooth microfiber towel with a very bulky, high water absorbency, forming a hairy look similar 

to peach It is It is characterized by dirt, removal of hair, long service life, easy cleaning, and less 


Disadvantages: First, microfiber towel production process is complicated, high cost, normal 

microfiber cotton towel several times, the second microfiber towel is not pasteurized, but the

 temperature is naturally 65 You should not exceed degrees Iron microfiber towels can not be 

ironed. Finally, due to strong adsorption, it can not be mixed with other items. Otherwise, 

there are lots of hair and dust.

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