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Wholesale Microfiber Towels China

Hebei Jiuyuan Textile company is a professional Wholesale Microfiber Towels China.
Size: 60X120cm, 70X140cm, 75X150cm, 86X160cm, 90X180, 100X180cm
Colors:our products are white, gGreen, blue,red, white, pink ,etc.If you have special requirements, we can also customize.
1.Our towels have a nice touch, soft and comfortable, and care for your delicate skin,let you love for the first time use.
2.Our towels are particularly absorbent, which is a feature of microfiber towels. Let the water drop disappear in the moment. And because of the material, when you clean it, the water is easy to squeeze out.
3.Our towels are colorful and colorful. But it doesn't look like other towels, and it fades after being used and washed many times. As long as our towels are cleaned regularly, they will be as bright as new.
4.Our towels are environmentally friendly and meet the requirements of human health. And the service life is long.
 Wholesale Microfiber Towels
If you cooperate with us,we will supply superior quality Microfiber Towels,we will give you factory low price,we ensure on-time delivery.
wholesale microfiber towels

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