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Wholesale Yoga Microfiber Towel

Convenient Yoga Microfiber Towel– Perfect size 40*60cm to keep in your back pocket. Clean your golf ball before putting, clean an iron after an approach shot, clean your eyewear with no streaks.

  Easy to use – Clips to your golf bag, clips to your belt loop, clips to your push cart. Toss that outdated towel with a curtain ring and move up to a new Microfiber Towel.

  Amazing cleaning results– Super absorbent, lightweight microfiber with plush nap yarns to get into golf ball the dimples and club grooves. Durable fabric cleans fast removing caked dirt completely. Fast drying anti-microbial microfiber reduces mildew odor.

Wholesale Yoga  Microfiber Towel.jpg


  (1) Standard stitching;

  (2) Covered edge, binding ;

  (3) 3-needle 5-thread interlock stitch;


  Quality control .

  We have our own QC Team;

  Strict in-house QC processing;

  Triple production test before production or delivery;

  Material inspection and environment friendly test;

  Procedures/testing:IQC → IPQC → QA → OQC → QS;

  QC procedure is executed following, FCC and CE standards. The QC department is fully equipped with advanced machineries and experienced technicians.

  our company as a wholesale microfiber towel manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.

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