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Why should we choose microfiber bath towels

Microfiber bath towels commonly refers to any fiber with strand less than 1 denier. Textile synthetic microfibers such as polyester microfibers have a diameter of about 10 microns or less. While most microfibers are of synthetic origin, asbestos can be considered as natural mineral microfibers since the fibers width is less than 1 micron.
Use the microfiber material 80%polyster 20%polyamide, more softer.And with special weaving tecnology,suitable for bathing than normal knitting microfiber towel.
Microfiber bath towels
1. No scratches for the scrubbing surface ; 
2. Warp knitting; 
3. Super absorbent: water absorption is 6 times of normal towels; 2-3 times of Chamois. 
4. Super clean power: Microfiber cloth has superior electrostatic attracting capacity, cleaning out  the dust from most small corner, specaily suitable for cleaning car interiors, dashboards, upholstery and so on. 
5. Super detergency: after wipe the engine oil type, can use the  general washing method to clear the surface, and there is not residual oil on it.
Warmth Tips: 
1)Do not bleach
2)Do not dry closed the fire.
3)Do not contact sharp or hard tearing.
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