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children microfiber bath towels-we supply children microfiber bath towels

children microfiber bath towels Usage As Below:
1.Household (towel dry hair, dry hair cap, bath towel) superfine fiber towels
2.Household cleaning (to wash the dishes, wipe the table, such as wiping)
3.Car care (washing, cleaning)
4.Beauty salons dedicated (beauty towel, dry hair towel, bath towel)
5.Face cloth
6.Towels, Advertisement towel

New Style children microfiber bath towels
1.material: 80% polyester+20% polyamide
2.Magic bathrobe/bath gown
3.Suspender towel dry dress

children microfiber bath towels

This Suspender dress is a new style for bath towel, it is comfortable and casual bath towel as well as a beautiful dress, just like the evening dress, graceful and sexy.
It is children microfiber bath towels after we have a bath at home, but also a sexy dress when we enjoy sunshine on the beach, a little rest at swimming pool and so on.

We can satisfy the timely delivery of bulk orders as well as small batch specialized customization. Your samples or drawing or ideas will be very welcome here. 

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