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cleaning microfiber duster -we are cleaning microfiber duster supplier

Microfibre is an amazing new fabric that is finding applications in many industries. The features of this revolutionary material are listed below.
We provide a large varity of different cleaning microfiber duster for different household cleaning tasks.
Microfiber, attracting dirt and dust like a magnet, is perfect for dusting and wiping cars, wood surface and leather sofas. Textured terry weave microfiber has a tight-looped microfiber weave, for cleaning smooth surfaces and leaving a streak-free shine.
The shape is comfortablely fit, can keep your hands clean and achieve better cleaning performance.

cleaning microfiber duster

cleaning microfiber duster is super soft and can easily pick up dirt, dust and hair instead of just stirring them up. It is designed for handy mate performance. The back side is make of durable polyester mesh with elastic band. 

Featuring a microfiber fluffy sleeve with thousands of aggressive cleaning edges that grab and hold dust and dirt, this duster has a flat, flexible spine that makes it easy to clean all those hard-to-reach places. When the sleeve is dirty, just drop it in the washer-it comes out good as new, even after hundreds of washings. The comfortable extendable handle attaches easily to threaded pole, allowing you to clean high or low areas with no ladder or bending required.

We supply Cleaning Microfiber Duster,contact me if there was any assistance needed,the sales team will response you at the earlist time. 
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