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microfiber gloves manufacturers

Microfiber gloves
100% microfiber
very soft and warm
MOQ:if our stock,MOQ 500 pairs/color;if your reuquest color MOQ 1200 pairs/color
Size : kids size,adult size
Promotion price:USD 0.91 / PAIR
Packing : 1/opp
PS:if order less than 1500 pairs , we just accept DHL OR FEDEX to ship .

microfiber gloves manufacturers
microfiber gloves manufacturers

Microfiber Glove is a handy cleaning tool. The split microfiber material is a knit blend of polyester and polyamide. The glove is 100% microfiber and fits snuggly on most averages size hands. There is some give in the microfiber material. The knit design allows your skin to breathe when wearing it. There is no top or bottom to the five finger microfiber glove so it can be used on either hand. The gloves are machine washable and can be laundered hundreds of times when cared for properly.
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