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microfiber mat factory

Are you looking for the high quality microfiber mat factory in china?

We are looking forward to our cooperation.


Size/ Dimensions: according to customers' requirements

Weight: according to customers' requirements

Description and use:

(1) The advantage of these mats are waterproof, anti-slip, comfortable, artistic and durable.

(2) anti-slip and easy to clean and wash

(3) can help to relieve feet fatigue

(4) excellent draining capability for bathroom usage

(5) can dry the tableware in kitchen room

(6) many choices of attractive designs and shapes to make your space more magnificent

(7) Use: Home, Hotel, Travel, Door, Bathroom, Kitchen

(8) These mats have passed testing, having proved to be an environmentally safe products free from cadmium and other heavy metals.

(9) This bath rug/solid rug/ bathroom mat is popular in living room, bedroom, kitchen room decoration.

microfiber mat factory

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