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microfiber sponge pad for sale

The sponge is made of microfiber ,which can easily clean and super water absorptivity .Microfibre is an amazing new fabric that is finding applications in many industries. There have many features in microfiber sponge pad.
1.uses capillary action to absorb 5 times more moisture than cotton towels
holds 7 times its weight in water
2.lightweight and compact
3.hypo-allergenic and chemical free side soft,one side scrube,super absorbency
5.soft to the touch but very durable
7. It can remove oil stain quickly
6. It can be wash machined
8. No bad smell or stink
1. household (towel dry hair, dry hair cap, bath towel) superfine fiber towels
2. household cleaning (to wash the dishes, wipe the table, such as wiping)
3. car care (washing, cleaning)
4. beauty salons dedicated (beauty towel, dry hair towel, bath towel)
5. face cloth
6. towels, Advertisement towel
microfiber sponge pad
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