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super absorbs cotton microfiber door mat

  Microfiber Mat Advantage:

  1. Solid design matches matches any style of indoor decoration.

  2. It is suitable for all the year round.

  3. Super soft hand touch because of microfiber material.

  4. No shedding, no shrinking.

  5. Color fastness: machine washable.Hand washable

  6. Special anti-skidding backing:PVC

  7. Easy Mantenance: It is much lighter than the hand tufted carpets.

  Microfiber Mat Details:


  Microfiber(Coral Fleece / Flannel).Sponge, superfine fiber,Soft and comfortable,Super water absorbent,Decontamination


  Different direction or different visual direction of the mat, the color of appearance will also be different.

  Hot pressing

  Embossed lines Clear and stereoscopic.


  Tight edge package, keep the mat beautiful, and not easy to use in the process of deformation, scattered.

  10~12mm Memory sponge Excellent support and Cushion Rebound Slowly Ease the foot pressure Step right onto a cloud! Great for door, bathroom, vanity, vacation home, guest suite

  our company as a microfiber door mat supplier in china ,if you need that pls contact us.

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