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If you use microfiber towel for cleaning, you’ve surely noticed that they’re a vast improvement

 over old rags or even paper towels. But what exactly is a microfiber cloth? And have you ever

 wondered how they work or what they’re made of?

Because of the makeup of the microfibers, using microfiber cloths for cleaning can make 

housekeeping both easier and more effective.

Cloths not made from microfiber tend to push dirt and gunk around on surfaces, so cleaning can

 be a real bear. The beauty of microfiber cloths is that the split fibers they’re made up create 

more surfaces that can hook onto dirt, dust and even bacteria. Many viruses are a bit too small to 

be scooped up by microfibers, but still — a cloth with fibers so small it can snag bacteria is pretty

 impressive, right? Because of this, you can use microfiber cloths for cleaning many surfaces with

 nothing more than water.

Have you ever wiped down your kitchen counter with a cotton cloth and then had to go back 

over it with a paper towel to get rid of the moisture and left-behind debris? Well, microfiber can 

be used dry, so you eliminate the need for that second round of swiping. As if that wasn’t 

exciting enough, polyester and fats play well together, which means microfiber is great for lifting 

grease and oil off surfaces without the aid of strong chemical cleaning agents.

In addition, the porous nature of microfiber cloths means that they’re very absorbent and dry 

quickly. (if you’ve ever stepped on a microfiber bathmat after showering, you have firsthand 

experience to how fast-drying this material is.) Therefore, even if you do dampen the cloths for 

cleaning stubborn smudges, they’ll barely leave a trace of liquid behind.

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