Microfiber bath towel JY-BT002

Item NO:JY-BT-002

Microfiber beach Towel 

Material:polyester,polyamide,PU resin

Size/Dimensions:according to customer's requirements

Weight: according to customer's requirements




Are you tired of damp and musty towels that take forever to dry? Do you long for a refreshing and efficient bathing experience? Look no further! Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Group proudly presents our Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towels – a pinnacle of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The microfiber fabric is an environment-friendly fabric. The microfiber beach towel is made of polyester and nylon composite silk, which is characterized by soft texture and good hand feel. It is often used for 

beach leisure and outing. The superfine fiber beach towel has the advantages of good water absorption, comfortable hand feel, dirt resistance, long service life, etc. It is very suitable for use on the beach, and can also be printed, beautiful, fashionable and practical.

Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Group can provide you with the best custom quick dry microfiber bath towels! Please contact us!

Why Choose Us?

At Hebei Jiuyuan, we don't just manufacture products; we craft experiences that redefine comfort and convenience. Our Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towels stand out as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Here's why you should make the smart choice and choose Jiuyuan:

  1. Pioneering Expertise: With a legacy as one of China's earliest microfiber manufacturers, we've honed our production process to perfection. From spinning and knitting to dyeing, cutting, sewing, packaging, and inspecting – we handle every step. This ensures prompt delivery, strict quality control, and cost optimization, giving you a competitive edge.

  2. Versatility at Its Best: Beyond microfiber towels, we specialize in cleaning products, bath essentials, sports gear, kitchen supplies, and more. Our expansive expertise guarantees that you're partnering with a one-stop solution for all your diverse product needs.

  3. Environmental Responsibility: We're not just about products; we're about values. With certifications like BSCI, ICS, DETOX, SEDEX, OEKO-TEX, and more, we're committed to sustainable practices. By choosing us, you align with a socially responsible corporate citizen.

  4. Innovation Redefined: Our dedication to innovation sets us apart. Our Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towels boast a remarkable water absorption rate of 900%, offering an unparalleled bathing experience. Designed to withstand over 200 industrial washes, they retain their quality even after repeated use. Plus, our technical prowess allows us to increase product thickness by an impressive 10%, ensuring luxurious comfort.

  5. Leaders in Advancement: In 2019, Jiuyuan's technical team achieved a groundbreaking feat – the launch of a dust-free grinding base material. This revolutionary innovation opens doors to new possibilities, marking our dedication to leading the industry forward.


Quick dry microfiber bath towels is also called beach towel. As its name implies, it is handsome for beach or beach. Beach towel is a kind of towel, which is characterized by bright colors and rich patterns. What's the use of beach towel?

The quick dry microfiber bath towels has a wide range of uses, which can generally be used to:

1. The beach towel is larger than the bath towel, which can be conveniently wrapped on the waist, draped on the body or tied on the head and neck when people play on the beach, playing a role of shading, and can also be used as a covering ornament.

2. Tired from playing on the beach, you can spread the beach towel on the beach and lie on it to enjoy the sunshine. You can also keep away the tide and sand to prevent the fine sand from getting into your hair.

3. When playing on the beach, it is inevitable to swim in the water. When you come out of the water, your skin will be more vulnerable to the ultraviolet rays in the sun when it is wet. If you do not dry the water

4. It is very easy to have erythema, skin pain, blisters and other symptoms, and the skin will begin to peel in a few days. Therefore, the function of beach towel is to help people dry their bodies quickly and reduce the sun exposure effect of ultraviolet rays.

5. In addition to being used on the beach, beach towels can also be used as ordinary Maoshuai bath towels, or as towels, quilts, sofa cushions, etc., which can play a role in fitness, swimming, household and other fields.

To sum up, beach towel has many functions. When vacationing on the beach or beach, you may as well take a quick dry microfiber bath towels for many purposes.


Color: according to customers' requirements

Packing: Standard export packing or custom packing according to customers' requests 

Place of Origin: China 


Payment Terms: L/C, T/T


Minimum Order Quantity: 5000PCS

Immerse Yourself in Luxury

Our Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towels envelop you in luxurious softness, ensuring rapid drying and preventing that unwanted dampness. Whether at home, in hotels, gyms, or spas, our towels guarantee an indulgent experience like no other

We Are Your Best Customized Service Provider!

With a daily output of 200 thousand pieces, Jiuyuan ensures your orders are fulfilled promptly, wherever you are. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is echoed in every towel we create.

By doing business with domestic and foreign customers for years, we have developed into a group company covering an area of more than 18 acres, with more than 400 employees and annual output over 30 million US dollars. As a professional quick dry microfiber bath towels manufacturer, We specialize in manufacturing various kinds of Bath Towel, in order to meet different requirements of our customers. 

Join the ranks of satisfied partners who have chosen Jiuyuan as their preferred supplier. Elevate your offerings with Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towels that redefine the standards of comfort, quality, and innovation. Contact us today and embark on a journey of excellence with Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Group. Your success is our commitment!


It's smooth and firm

Not fade,Soft and tender after cleaning

No tiny fiber left after smearing

Cotton and linen material,high absorption

Material safety, no chemical residue

It can dry your hair and body quickly


By putting customers ahead, relying on high quality, benefiting from management and contributing to society, people at Jiuyuan are improving constantly with active innovation. We hope to be your companion on the road to success in the near future.

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