How to Clean Microfiber Cleaning Towels Properly: A Step-by-Step Guide

Nov. 17, 2023

Microfiber cleaning towels are a popular choice for their exceptional cleaning abilities and versatility. To maintain their effectiveness and longevity, it's essential to clean them properly. In this guide, we provide a step-by-step process to ensure your microfiber cleaning towels stay in top condition.

Materials Needed:

Before you begin, gather the following materials:

  • Microfiber cleaning towels

  • Mild detergent

  • White vinegar (optional)

  • Washing machine

  • Lint-free cloth or air dryer

Step 1: Sort Towels by Color and Use

Separate microfiber cleaning towels by color and their intended use. This prevents cross-contamination and ensures that towels used for different tasks are cleaned separately.

Coral Fleece Cloth

Coral Fleece Cloth

Step 2: Shake or Brush Off Loose Debris

Before washing, shake out or use a soft brush to remove any loose debris, dust, or particles from the microfiber towels. This helps prevent these particles from settling back onto the towels during the washing process.

Step 3: Pre-Treat Stains (If Necessary)

For stubborn stains, pre-treat the affected areas with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Gently rub the solution into the stain using a soft brush or your fingers. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Machine Wash with Mild Detergent

Place the microfiber cleaning towels in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent, preferably one without fabric softeners or bleach, as these can damage the microfibers. Wash the towels in cold or lukewarm water on a gentle cycle.

Step 5: Add White Vinegar (Optional)

If your microfiber towels have a strong odor or need extra cleaning power, add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. This helps eliminate odors and break down any remaining detergent residue.

Microfiber Weft-Knitted Chess Towel

Microfiber Weft-Knitted Chess Towel

Step 6: Avoid Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets can leave a coating on microfiber towels, reducing their absorbency. It's best to skip these additives when washing and drying microfiber towels.

Step 7: Air Dry or Use Low Heat

After washing, air-dry the microfiber towels by hanging them or laying them flat. If using a dryer, use low heat to prevent damage to the microfibers. Avoid high heat settings, as they can melt or damage the delicate fibers.

Step 8: Inspect and Fold

Inspect the microfiber cleaning towels for any remaining stains or damage after drying. Fold them neatly for storage, ensuring they are ready for the next cleaning task.


Properly cleaning microfiber cleaning towels is essential for maintaining their effectiveness and prolonging their lifespan. By following these steps and incorporating good laundry practices, you can ensure that your microfiber towels continue to provide excellent cleaning results.


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